Exploring the latest emerging cyber threats and security risks targeting organisations today, as well as innovative and proactive strategies to protect critical data and assets.

Over the past two years, digitalisation has skyrocketed. Cybersecurity is no longer a niche issue but one of the main security concerns facing the world. Attacks targeting sensitive data and essential services, could not only result in the unavailability of critical infrastructures but lead to financial and reputational loss that erodes trust in your organisation.

Data breaches and other cyber-crimes pose a substantial risk to businesses as they can not only lead to disruption and loss of data, derailing processes and stagnating their growth, but also loss of profitability, customers, influence and market share.

Experts have predicted a sharp increase in cyber-attacks during 2022 – from drone technology to digital wallets, cyber-attackers are aiming for everything. Advance persistent threats (APTs) will continue to change the landscape of targeted attacks, with more destructive ransomware and supply chain attacks.

Cyber-attack scenarios 2022

Cybercriminals are becoming smarter and increasingly sophisticated, constantly adapting their strategies and scaling up their operations through the adoption of destructive techniques and tactics that allow them to expand as needed to achieve their goals. They are exploiting new technology to speed up their incursions, leveraging the combination of IoT and 5G to conduct ever more challenging attacks.

These are some of the main cyber threats projected for this year:

Drones: Governments and organisations around the world rely on autonomous technologies such as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – better known as drones – to modernise their operations. As the technology used by drones evolves and their use becomes more widespread, the related cyber threats and risks are evolving even faster. Cybercriminals could exploit vulnerabilities in their software or take advantage of bugs and poor configurations to intercept communications, interfere with navigation systems, take remote control and even hijack the devices. As the adoption of drone technology continues to evolve, it is of paramount importance to continuously assess their security, so as to benefit from their use and avoid becoming a threat that can be exploited by attackers causing security incidents or generating more complex problems such as being used as weapons.

Fintech ecosystem: the digital economy reached a milestone of exponential growth and maturity during the pandemic. It even reached the most inhospitable sectors of the planet through digital solutions such as wallets, payment apps, cryptocurrency trading markets, NFT and digital banking. Young start-ups will become highly sought-after trophies for cybercriminals, due to their nature and ever evolving backends. Ransomware will take centre stage.

IoT technology: With the development and implementation of 5G technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem will be huge. Experts estimate that with the growth and expansion of this new data transmission standard and the support of artificial intelligence (AI), by 2025 there will be 25 billion connected devices, which will be able to share information and act independently. Cybersecurity will follow an exponential demand curve attempting to foresee attack scenarios in this increasingly complex environment. An environment where vulnerabilities could leave a building without power or allow an entire automated production plant to be shut down. Cybersecurity tools and procedures will have to adapt to this new, more heterogeneous environment to keep your assets protected, ensuring accurate preventive diagnosis and rapid response.

How can you protect your critical assets?

When faced with such rapid change and a scenario of increasing cybercrime cases, the availability of tools and teams specialised in early threat detection can conclusively improve an organisation’s ability to defend itself in real time.

CyScope offers a logical and complementary solution to drive cyber defence strategy and secure development. by continuously pentesting processes to quickly identify security gaps in your technology assets. The platform provides insight into security breaches, enables reporting of issues found, facilitates understanding of cyber risks, and mitigates security issues in a timely manner.

CyScope assists in the identification of security breaches, understanding of mitigation techniques and prevention of future breaches.

Created by Dreamlab Technologies, a Swiss company with more than 25 years of experience protecting governments, companies, and individuals, CyScope is a solution developed to meet the challenges of digital transformation. It allows customers to detect and fix vulnerabilities thanks to a carefully selected team of ethical hackers, following a very strict selection processes, background checks and a zero-tolerance policy for any attitudes that are not aligned with our rules, to ensure customers can enjoy absolute peace of mind.

In contrast to other digital offers which propose a single integrated solution with multiple functions that never really provide a full match with the customers cybersecurity needs, CyScope offers a broad portfolio of security solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of each client.

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