2021 has been an exciting year for CyScope, the Swiss based, and world-class bug bounty platform launched by Dreamlab Technologies to ensure timely identification of security issues and continuous protection for all types of businesses and governments.

Throughout 2021, CyScope has turned into a powerful, intuitive, secure, and analytical tool that unifies the demand from businesses who wish to protect their IT assets with the offer provided by a community of ethical hackers available 24/7 to test these assets.

«The CyScope initiative represents a solid additional layer of security, and we clearly value the community’s expertise and involvement in helping us keep applications and systems secure. The launch of this Swiss platform is another important addition to our arsenal of cybersecurity solutions” said Fabien Spychiger, CEO for Dreamlab Technologies Latin America”.

According to Laura Gaudino, Product Manager at CyScope » our community is growing every day and welcomes a large number of professionals and beginners eager to demonstrate their knowledge and make a name for themselves in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking”.

With more than 1900 bugs detected only this year as well as 554,000 rewards granted, the increasingly large and involved community of «bug hunters» has proved to be a winning bet.

«Cybercriminals move fast, so we must move even faster. With CyScope we are allowing our customers to identify critical and sophisticated security issues before malicious agents have a chance to exploit them,» concluded Spychiger.

2022 looks very promising for CyScope. In addition to raising all the platform’s features to their maximum level of quality, the team is strongly committed to ensure a positive experience for both companies and hackers.