The digital ecosystem is constantly growing; and so are the security threats along with it. To reduce the attack surface and operate within a comprehensive security scheme, organisations need to adopt effective tools that provide permanent protection for their critical IT assets. Bug Bounty Platforms were born to shape this new era of cybersecurity. CyScope, the Swiss based, and world-class bug bounty platform launched by Dreamlab Technologies has been developed by a group of expert hackers to embrace the challenges of the digital transformation. CyScope ensures timely identification of security issues and continuous protection for all types of businesses. CyScope’s bug Bounty programs incentivise the investigation of sophisticated breaches by offering attractive monetary rewards for valid security vulnerabilities found. It combines the expertise and talent of thousands of researchers and ethical hackers worldwide available 24/7 to test IT assets such as web and mobile applications, IoT and APIs in record time. “CyScope gives customers access to a simpler and more in-depth approach to vulnerability detection and remediation”, said Fabien Spychiger, CEO for Dreamlab Technologies Latin America. “We usually recommend our customers to see CyScope as a logical and complementary solution to boost their secure development and pentesting processes”. According to Laura Gaudino, Product Manager for CyScope, “Our bug bounty platform has been designed to allow continuous testing and ensure that the perimeter is constantly monitored. The success of Cyscope lies on the continuity, efficiency and speed that we are able to provide through our solution to governments and businesses”.